Relationship Help From a Love Spell Guru – Winning Back Your Ex

Positive thinking attracts positive energy, bad deeds earn bad karma. Is this the way it has to be in the “karmic” world of love and relationship? What about learning from the mistakes we have made in the past? Should we really suffer from the consequence of our stupidity or there are ways to change the story of our love life at present?

An expert of love spells and charms revealed some dark secrets on how to reverse the love situation you are in. This technique has been practiced in the olden days, harboring the most unbelievable karmic scenario. But to make this love spell effective, one must realize how life brought you in the situation. In other words, analyze and accept your mistakes from your past relationship. Conquer the freedom from the chain of vulnerability, error, and regrets that locked you up for so many years.

Once you untie the knot of self-forgiveness, you may proceed to follow the beckoning idea of love spells and charms. Get ready to win back the love of your life that slipped off from your hand and follow these secrets from the love spell guru.

1. Haunt your loved one through her dreams.

You will get a chance to be remembered by your beloved ex by haunting her through her dreams. Just collect 3 pictures of your ex, be sure that it is all a solo picture of her. Prepare the pictures before you go to sleep at night, hold them with your two hands upon saying the words “come back to me” 3 times. Press the pictures on your chest for a couple of minutes and then put them overnight under your pillow. Do this for 9 consecutive nights.

2. Disturb her senses.

By disturbing her senses your ex will notice your existence even if you are not around. In a big empty jar or empty pail call her name 3 times. The call must be sincere like you are calling her inside a cave. To be effective, do this twice a day early in the morning when you wake up and before going to sleep. Do the calling for 9 consecutive days.

3. Cover her eyes with smoke where she sees no one but only you.

Get a picture of her and write at the back of it this love spell:
“Remember only me, as the smoke gets into your eyes
Love only me, come back and be mine.”
Hang the picture over your stove so that every time you cook the smoke goes up to the picture. Do not remove the picture until your beloved ex will come back to you.

4. Lead her back into your arms.

You are lucky enough if you got things in her possession. Whether it is a hair clip, shirt, hanky or anything that she had worn. Do not wash it. Leave it just the way it is. In a clean sheet of paper, draw a map or a sketch from where she is, draw a line to connect a sketch down to your place. Wrap it with the paper and put it inside a plastic bag. Bury it in front of your house while saying “come home, my love”.

5. Ingest your love into your ex’s soul.

You will be the lucky guy if you still have communication with your ex. Because in this case, you need to invite her for a dinner or for a friendly date. Get the undies you worn most recently. Take note, the undies must be unwashed. You will wash it in a glass of water when your ex is ready to meet you. Use the water to mix the juice or coffee and let her drink it. Say the love spell, “Into your heart down to your soul, let me live inside you as I give you my all.”

These magic spells are the most popular and guaranteed effective. Just ensure your heart and soul are ready for the battle of love. Winning back your ex is no difference from winning a war. Your superpower lies within yourself, the love spells and charm is the only supplementary weapon to combat the aggression of negative energy. So, prepare the armor of true love and sincere intention otherwise the magic spell could lead back to you, cursing your love life ever after.

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