The Wisdom of Love and the Folly of Power

INSANITY. Paradoxical outrageous duology. A conundrum of enigmatic dimensions. Only to the fervently spiritual person of consistently mature disposition is this prospect alluring: power is a folly, for which love is the only corrective.

Seems like a simple thesis most might agree with. The wisdom of love, however, is the way of truth, which connotes acknowledgement of undesirable realities like weakness, woundedness, vulnerability, biases, failure, for which there is guilt, fear, and shame.

Yet, love acknowledges undesirable realities, accepting and including them through underpinning courage and enduring hope and abiding joy. Victorious love is an encompassing wisdom with answers to all-comers of temptations to power.

Power renders a skewed behaviour of control, whereas love releases everyone from fear. Power is the need to control. Love requires no such mandate.

Love epitomises faith, but power evokes fear. Use the former and people are inspired, but with the latter people shrink. Love expands. Power wallows.

All-inclusive in character and nature, the wisdom in love is its ability to take what is and make of it all it can be. But the nature and character of the world is folly, which increases frustration and anger in us all. We hate to court folly, even if, by absurd predilection, it was to be our peculiar modus operandi. There is a paroxysm for us! If we don’t know we’re inherently part of our own problem we cannot come close to the answer: love. Truth is the key; to know beyond knowing that we’re false to our core.

To know our own falsity is to acknowledge God’s truth, to know God is the sole trader in love, and that love is our key, too, notwithstanding how much a risk it seems to be in holding every aspect of life lighter than we ever would prefer to.

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