Waves And Particles Of Unconditional Love

The unconditional love experiment belongs to the domain of Metaphysical Science and is subject to the laws of consciousness. It is subjectively scientific and only we can objectively demonstrate if it works in our daily lives. The thinking model that states that every intention is manifestation, works on a level of creation that realizes the vibration of the possibility by extrapolating it from the unified field; it is therefore different from that of cause and effect that circulates on the infinite plane of apparent consequential.

Everything and every event happen within the subjective field of consciousness of each individual; a field that creates a personal universe of private perception of reality, which can consequently be both consequential and quantum, depending on where we want to place ourselves and how we decide to unbalance our balance. It is always and only on us to choose the limited or the unlimited, to assume that everything is created by consciousness and nothing is outside it, or inventing an external observer to manifest an objective reality with all its intrinsic limitations.

To escape the trap of limiting beliefs that build and affect the dual reality of cause and effect, we must step outside it and plunge ourselves into the formless or unconditional awareness where the risk of corrupting the experiment with unstable and fragmented data does not exist. There is no way to remove consciousness from consciousness; consciousness is always present when it’s there, because consciousness is the present and there is no way to experience any subjective experience objectively. Attempting to do so is, by its nature, a paradox of consciousness, which manifests itself unequivocally within consciousness. There is no separation between a reality model and the other because we are always who we are, no matter what we choose to use.

Particle physics helps us to easily understand this existential dynamics. It states that all probabilities are energy waves of the quantum field until they collapse and become concrete, becoming particles. Likewise, our intention, the unconditional love, remains a quantum field’s probability until it collapses and becomes measurable, as an infinite feeling for everything and everyone, and at that point triggers the cause and effect process. At the time of collapse, the wave becomes particle, but it is the same thing as the caterpillar, the chrysalis, and the butterfly.

Changing the point of view apparently changes the reality of things. Unconditional love already exists as a wave of the quantum field; it is only about changing the point of view and collapsing it. What causes the wave to collapse is the stability of the intent, the absolute certainty that the fact has already happened and is simply manifesting itself in us now, or at its perfect time, on the basis of how free is the path from our negativity, how green are the traffic lights of our absence of doubts and also how much conscious contribution of positive intention we receive from those who participate as we experiment.

When the opportunity is expressed to express our intention, the turning point is our action on it, synchronous with the speed of the wave. Here, is where collapse occurs; the intent turns into reality and begins the whole apparent chain of causality, the Big Bang of our unconditional love that opens in a conscious act of evolutionary will. The intention, which can unrealistically appear as the first cause and detonator of the new universe, is actually always present and floating like a wave, it simply changes shape and becomes what we are now, with our absolutely firm intention and our unconditional love which enters and is consolidated, easy and relaxed, healthy and positive, at the time perfect, in our heart, for the highest good of all, everyone and everything that makes up our life and the one of who, consciously or not, participates in this intention.

Dr. Andrea Scarsi (Sandesh) is a meditator, mystic, and metaphysician devoting his life to sharing the supreme understanding through direct teaching and books he writes on the subject of spirituality. He loves traveling, and lived for long periods in India and the Buddhist Southeast Asia. Through the years, he studied and deepened different meditation techniques, for awakening consciousness, energy balancing, and personal evolution, which he practices and teaches. Doctor of Metaphysical Science, he’s the author of several books on spirituality and subjects dear to his heart. He resides between in the mainland of Venice, Italy, and Goa, India, moving around the world when invited or following a universal call. You can check out one of his webpages at: Books by Dr. Andrea Scarsi, where he indicates simple and everyday’s ways to come in touch with your inner self.

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