Relationship Help From a Love Spell Guru – Winning Back Your Ex

Positive thinking attracts positive energy, bad deeds earn bad karma. Is this the way it has to be in the “karmic” world of love and relationship? What about learning from the mistakes we have made in the past? Should we really suffer from the consequence of our stupidity or there are ways to change the story of our love life at present?

An expert of love spells and charms revealed some dark secrets on how to reverse the love situation you are in. This technique has been practiced in the olden days, harboring the most unbelievable karmic scenario. But to make this love spell effective, one must realize how life brought you in the situation. In other words, analyze and accept your mistakes from your past relationship. Conquer the freedom from the chain of vulnerability, error, and regrets that locked you up for so many years.

Once you untie the knot of self-forgiveness, you may proceed to follow the beckoning idea of love spells and charms. Get ready to win back the love of your life that slipped off from your hand and follow these secrets from the love spell guru.

1. Haunt your loved one through her dreams.

You will get a chance to be remembered by your beloved ex by haunting her through her dreams. Just collect 3 pictures of your ex, be sure that it is all a solo picture of her. Prepare the pictures before you go to sleep at night, hold them with your two hands upon saying the words “come back to me” 3 times. Press the pictures on your chest for a couple of minutes and then put them overnight under your pillow. Do this for 9 consecutive nights.

2. Disturb her senses.

By disturbing her senses your ex will notice your existence even if you are not around. In a big empty jar or empty pail call her name 3 times. The call must be sincere like you are calling her inside a cave. To be effective, do this twice a day early in the morning when you wake up and before going to sleep. Do the calling for 9 consecutive days.

3. Cover her eyes with smoke where she sees no one but only you.

Get a picture of her and write at the back of it this love spell:
“Remember only me, as the smoke gets into your eyes
Love only me, come back and be mine.”
Hang the picture over your stove so that every time you cook the smoke goes up to the picture. Do not remove the picture until your beloved ex will come back to you.

4. Lead her back into your arms.

You are lucky enough if you got things in her possession. Whether it is a hair clip, shirt, hanky or anything that she had worn. Do not wash it. Leave it just the way it is. In a clean sheet of paper, draw a map or a sketch from where she is, draw a line to connect a sketch down to your place. Wrap it with the paper and put it inside a plastic bag. Bury it in front of your house while saying “come home, my love”.

5. Ingest your love into your ex’s soul.

You will be the lucky guy if you still have communication with your ex. Because in this case, you need to invite her for a dinner or for a friendly date. Get the undies you worn most recently. Take note, the undies must be unwashed. You will wash it in a glass of water when your ex is ready to meet you. Use the water to mix the juice or coffee and let her drink it. Say the love spell, “Into your heart down to your soul, let me live inside you as I give you my all.”

These magic spells are the most popular and guaranteed effective. Just ensure your heart and soul are ready for the battle of love. Winning back your ex is no difference from winning a war. Your superpower lies within yourself, the love spells and charm is the only supplementary weapon to combat the aggression of negative energy. So, prepare the armor of true love and sincere intention otherwise the magic spell could lead back to you, cursing your love life ever after.

Relationship Between Brother And Sister

Sibling rivalry is the result of competitive relationship or animosity between siblings, blood related or not. It is believed that competition between siblings arises because one of the siblings gets more attention from parents.

A brother-sister relationship is one of the most beautiful relationships of the world. One finds the best friend, second parent, silly fights, partner in crime and protector in this one relation. In short, siblings are friend and guide to each other. The friendship between siblings is similar to that which exists amongst peers. The possibility of friendship among siblings is great.

Having a sibling is a bliss. Seriously. They maybe irritating, annoying and what not, but, be sure, if there is a problem, they are the ones who would come first in front of you to protect you. That is how the relationship should be. In a sibling relationship, you have fun and talk but not romantically. There is no sexual attraction but talk and love each other.

There exist siblings who are friends but there also exist siblings who are separated by rivalry, fight and animosity. Since day one, they are each other’s best friend, greatest arch enemy. There are people who share more affectionate relationships with friends than with their own siblings. The possibility of developing friendship among sibling is great. There are many factors which influence this friendship such as having been born in the same family, having been grown up together, having been educated in the same or similar way. Based on their biological nature, siblings share a mutual affection that comes from years of living together.

Siblings are simply too precious to waste. They are your longest memory bank, your shared history, the person who may know you better than anyone else. They are so deeply part of your identity that they cannot be erased even when they are not present. Many siblings become estranged and stop seeing one another altogether. That is a pity, indeed. If there is anyone who has grown apart with their siblings, please make efforts to change that situation before it is too late. Yes, it may end in failure – some rifts are too deep to heal. But if you can find a way, you will never regret it. Siblings are too precious to be forgotten because they helped to make you who you are.

A brother-sister relationship is the most endearing relationship ever in which there is a lot of love, care and fun too. Everyone have nice memories in childhood. There is nothing stronger than the relationship between brother and sister. Brother and sister are childhood friends. Their bonding is very much strong and is never lost.

A sister is for telling stories and making promises that will never be broken. Being sister and brother means being there for each other in the time of need. For a brother, a sister is his soul mate and the best part of him. A true sister is a friend who listens with her heart.

10 Underlying Obsessive Love Factors

How to Beat Obsessive Love and Set Healthy Relationship Boundaries.

Falling in love brings a rush of so many feelings. There are times we feel as though we just can’t get enough of that new person in our lives. When we feel as though we cannot function without him or monitor his activities while we are apart, we cross the line into obsessive love. At the end of a relationship obsessive love is what drives people to stalk his social media, drive by his house or even live in denial of the breakup.

Unresolved Issues From Childhood Abandonment or Attachment Disorder.

If your early experience of relationships was of loss or pain you may be driven to hold more tightly to those you love so that you do not lose them. Healthy Relationships involve being able to have your own lives and space. When positive self talk and managing your anxiety on your own do not work it is time to consult a life coach and work to build your coping skill set so that you can set healthy relationship boundaries.

Unresolved Issues From Past Romantic Relationships.

A difficult or devastating relationship from your past, especially one where trust was an issue, may carryover into current relationships making it hard for you to see the current relationship clearly. Work to limit your focus to what is happening in the now so you can overcome obsessive love and create healthy boundaries.


When we are depressed motivation becomes difficult leading us to focus on what is present in our lives. The desire to be rescued by our loved ones become stronger. Before we can really have healthy relationships and boundaries we must be healthy ourselves. Hypnosis and other forms of therapy can help work through these feelings.

Internet Sources Can Provide Too Much Information

Too Many Sources of Information.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and multiple internet sources can provide too much information on our loved ones. An excessive focus on gathering information can lead to obsessive love. Limit your screen time if these sources are too tempting.

Low Self Esteem.

One of the many ways low self-esteem can sabotage you is by making you feel that you don’t deserve the person in your life which, in turn, can make you want to hold on more tightly. Work to build your own interests and separate life to increase your self-esteem.

NLP can serve as a valuable tool to help in your journey.


When your own life is not full enough you place too much importance on relationships. Start a hobby, take a class, increase your workouts. Filling your own life with things you enjoy will help you to create healthy relationship boundaries.

Small Social Circle.

Feelings of obsessive love can take hold when we have too few social outlets and our energies become too directed to one person. Healthy boundaries in relationships need a variety of outlets to support a good balance.

“Depression is the inability to construct a future.”

-Rollo May

Focus on Fantasy.

When our beliefs and expectations about relationships are too rooted in the vision of love offered by Disney, Romantic Comedy and porn we have seen, we can fall into patterns of obsessive love trying to make real life match those pictures. Remember that none of us is that perfect person and your relationship is two real people dealing with real life situations.

Need for Control.

Obsessive tendencies and strong need for control in other aspects of life can spill over into relationships. Recognizing this tendency in yourself can help you to fight off the feelings of need to control in your relationship. Life coaching can help to create healthier ways to cope with these feelings.

Secondary Gain.

Is there some one in your life who gives you extra attention when feelings of obsessive love surface? Is there a family member, treasured friend or your loved one who pays extra attention to you when you feel this way? It is important to create healthy relationship boundaries. Feelings of obsessive love will sabotage your relationships over time.

Do any of these issues resonate with you? What do you believe to be the causes of obsessive love feelings in your life and how have you worked to create healthy relationship boundaries?

Message From the Universe: Love Is Everything

“The greatest secret of all is how deeply you’re loved.

You have no idea.

Always, no matter what –
The Universe”

Love is everything and without it, no humans can really survive or live being happy. You can have all the money in the world and think you can be happy but that is far from the truth. Love helps define us, as individuals, and taking love away is taking a part of us that can help us live a healthy life. We need people around us that cares for us, it is rooted in our DNA. We do things for others in the hope they appreciate us as people and love us in return. This outcome doesn’t always happen as many live a very selfish life and take advantage of the many who live a selfless life. Do not expect others to change to being a loving person because you are. They probably have lived in a very dysfunctional home where love wasn’t present and they built their conscious mind around the concept of nonexistent love. It is very difficult to train these mind to love again.

I am sure it can be hard to always help others in need, especially when they never return the favor. This is the problem with society. People will go: “I been helping him or her for years without them helping me in time of need. Why should I even bother?” You definitely have to judge if that person is here to solely take advantage of you whenever it is possible OR they help you in other ways they can. You need to figure out the nature of the help they can comfortably provide. Some may not have the monetary means to help you but if they contribute to helping you in another way, they are definitely worth helping again. It is not a dollar for a dollar here, it is how the other person can offer their help in a time of need that should be considered as valuable. Do not waste your time with the vampires that feeds on you until you’re dried up and then go feed on other innocent victims. There are all around you, just keep your eyes open for these predators. Avoid becoming like them but also make sure to protect yourself at all cost. Live your life the way you see best and always remember that people never will forget the help you offered them in time of need. This is considered as a very valuable trait, especially in today’s society.

Love: The Warrior Woman’s Achilles Hill

Be Yourself! They say.

Everyone else is taken so learn to just be yourself. They say.

You can’t live without love, so you give love a chance.

They think you are beautiful, strong, powerful, illuminating with light, emitting pure divinity, ambitious, in possession of a prosperous and abundant mindset as well as a gorgeous spirit.

At first, They Love it, They fall in love with you.

They chase you for weeks, months until you agree to allow them into your most sacred space, your heart.

Then, after the hunt is over and you become “theirs” the moment you say “I love you”: they start showing you their true color and metamorphose into “Satan’ s most faithful disciple.”

Shocked, you don’t understand what is happening to them but you mostly do not understand what is happening to you.

You lose yourself into the relationship and lose your identity, worst your Self Confidence, your Sense of Self worth and wonder how You, of all people, fell into such a trap.

You are now in love, he knows it and makes it a game to manipulate you, use you and “make you feel” less than who you are at times.

No more fun and expensive dates,
No more gifts,
No more begging you to give them a chance,
No more attention unless they still want something from you.

At this point, the hunted becomes the hunter and you are already invested and want to make it work, but it doesn’t.

You suffer in silence.
You cry your eyes out every day.
You blame yourself for falling into the trap of love and feel like you fell into the deep well of despair.
You just have no strength to get out of it or even cry for help.

The warrior in you is dormant and is not answering the call of battle for freedom, self-respect, true self-love. You are lost into the atmosphere of unanswered questions.
So you try to please him, to “make him” happy, you serve him loyally and become his “pet” per se.

He has won.
He has succeeded.
He molded you into the creature he wanted you to be and the “YOU” that existed before is nowhere to be found. You hold on to the relationship for love, kids, financial reasons, despair, because you have nowhere to go and no one to turn to.

What is the Solution?
Tough one.

Run. Yes RUN!

Gather the last pieces of FREE WILL you have within yourself and Run for Your Life.

Appeal to the divine to find it within you to just Run without looking back; straight into the unknown which is scary but necessary.

Once you are away and feel a bit safe, focus on finding Yourself again.
Once you do, fall all over in love with Yourself, regain your independence, your freedom, your confidence, your beauty and rise up.

Rise up and applaud yourself because you have freed yourself from the grips of “hell”.
Rise up and forgive yourself.
Forgive him.
Rise up and give yourself another chance to love like you have never been hurt when the time is right for you.
In the meantime, keep loving yourself, focus on nurturing and treating yourself like the true queen you are.

The Rest of Your Life – Love

The other day, while at the gym with a good friend of mine, I so happened to ask him his thoughts on love and what it meant to him. My perspective of things as they stood were that I really haven’t figured it out yet what it is to love. Well he is different and has been in a relationship for 3yrs now and he seems happy enough.

My friend went on to explain to me that feeling you get when you see your significant other, how you want to just be with them and how incomplete your day is without them. For a moment, I really thought he was being silly with me but turns out he was dead serious. I did not want to argue with that, he had won. I briefly evaluated my life and concluded that the only thing I ever felt love for was money. That right there was a painful revelation to say the least.

Now before I am judged by this last part, I am a very traditionally raised African guy. Maybe some of you see this things that happen in the village on some Nat Geo documentaries, I actually lived that life so my perception of things sometimes just makes me look like a weirdo.

With that being said, let me try and explain my perspective. I don’t believe in love, I really don’t. The fairy tale that you meet a girl and she immediately drives you crazy and all you see is her in your current and future life doesn’t exist to me. If ever I get that feeling, it is lust and it dies faster than I can spell my name because the next one is always better. I simply find it impossible to understand that emotional connection called love.

When I was growing up, men were never in the house as much, kids were the responsibility of the mum and all men did was ensure that the family doesn’t go hungry, naked or uneducated; see, simple. This whole issues of romance was never there. Honestly, it took me almost a decade and a half to see my dad take my mum out. All I ever grew up knowing is as a man I am required to provide, and my woman is supposed to be my helper; my second in command-which wasn’t always true because to some extent the first born son somehow overshadowed the mother once he got circumcised.

I want to get married someday, but my conclusion on that matter is one that I have never found anyone to agree with. Since I do not believe in the kind of love the rest of humanity wants to believe in, I have the kind I believe in. I believe you need to find a person who’s crazy you can live with for the rest of your life. Everybody has their own crazy, you just need to find yourself the right kind that you can handle. That is the first step towards finding total happiness because you will walk home knowing what you can expect and what you don’t.

When I wake up in the morning, I don’t cuddle, ill simply go back to sleep and I can’t have that, the kind of women I date, crave for that. Also, I have a back condition, I can’t cuddle for more than 20min, which means any time we sleep, I get to sleep on my side of the bed and you on the other. I don’t like being in the house, makes me feel sick, I am a very outgoing person and I live for networking and closing the next deal or landing a new client. But despite all this, I care enough to buy you all the nice presents Pinterest suggests and take you to all the places I see and can afford in Google; I also call maybe twice and text like ten times a day. I will still wake up, make you amazing breakfast-thank you mom the lessons-and any other meal you may desire. I am not a good listener, but I pretend to be for your sake and I do a pretty good job making people smile, I can be silly.

My friend made me think that maybe I am not in that stage yet, maybe someday I will meet a person that will transform my life that way, but again, I don’t believe so I am not even waiting. I believe in finding a person that will make life bearable enough, and is willing to stick with me through my faults and failures so that someday we can travel the world, dinning expensive and looking at the family we raised and the accomplishments we made and saying, we made it!

The Wisdom of Love and the Folly of Power

INSANITY. Paradoxical outrageous duology. A conundrum of enigmatic dimensions. Only to the fervently spiritual person of consistently mature disposition is this prospect alluring: power is a folly, for which love is the only corrective.

Seems like a simple thesis most might agree with. The wisdom of love, however, is the way of truth, which connotes acknowledgement of undesirable realities like weakness, woundedness, vulnerability, biases, failure, for which there is guilt, fear, and shame.

Yet, love acknowledges undesirable realities, accepting and including them through underpinning courage and enduring hope and abiding joy. Victorious love is an encompassing wisdom with answers to all-comers of temptations to power.

Power renders a skewed behaviour of control, whereas love releases everyone from fear. Power is the need to control. Love requires no such mandate.

Love epitomises faith, but power evokes fear. Use the former and people are inspired, but with the latter people shrink. Love expands. Power wallows.

All-inclusive in character and nature, the wisdom in love is its ability to take what is and make of it all it can be. But the nature and character of the world is folly, which increases frustration and anger in us all. We hate to court folly, even if, by absurd predilection, it was to be our peculiar modus operandi. There is a paroxysm for us! If we don’t know we’re inherently part of our own problem we cannot come close to the answer: love. Truth is the key; to know beyond knowing that we’re false to our core.

To know our own falsity is to acknowledge God’s truth, to know God is the sole trader in love, and that love is our key, too, notwithstanding how much a risk it seems to be in holding every aspect of life lighter than we ever would prefer to.

The Complement of Tough and Tender Love

STRICT, uncompromising schooling produces fine graduates, but not without a redemptive atmosphere. Compliments and encouragement have their limits, particularly when they stop inspiring and start enabling bad behaviour.

Both loves are needed: tough love and tender love; the loves of challenge and encouragement.

And without both, the gift that love is to relationships falls short and ceases to be. On the one hand, there’s purposeless discipline. On the other, nothing happens, development meanders, standards slip.

This is one reason why the best coaches are renowned for the feats they inspire; running the gauntlet along the knife’s edge of performance. They know how to push individuals as much as they know why all individuals need to be pushed. They’re passionate amateur psychologists.

All parents ought to know the effectiveness of love in its totality, and their responsibility to discharge same. And yet, as parents, we all know how difficult it is to love consistently, erring, as we do often, on sides of tough and tender forms.

A key to joining these two forms that complement each other is the execution of patience. In being patient we’re able to accomplish discipline and manage anger. In patience, we’re able to carry out what we promise to do and, simultaneously, never (seem to) get angry. By patience, we can provide a safe place to push limits, stretch friendships, and maintain a zest for believing that tough things, seemingly impossible at times, can be done. That’s nothing short of inspiring.

Many can survive the toughest human experiences, but humans tend only to thrive when tenderness is available as a foil for toughness. And the opposite it also true. Humans need to a loving push occasionally, so they’re equipped for the realities that life throws us all.

Loving Yourself When Being Blamed

Growing up, most of us had numerous experiences of being blamed. I was frequently blamed for things that I was too young to understand, or for things that I didn’t do ‘right’, or for things that, to me, didn’t seem worthy of blame.

Being blamed feels awful, and I learned to feel guilty even when I hadn’t actually done anything wrong. Looking back, I now understand that blaming and judging myself, which caused me to feel guilty, felt better and more empowering than feeling the depth of helplessness over being so unseen, unheard and misunderstood.

Today, I work with many clients who are very reactive to being blamed. They often get angry or defensive, rather than feeling the helplessness and heartbreak of being unseen, unheard and misunderstood. Of course, this creates problems in relationships, since their partner then also feels unseen and unheard at the other end of the anger and defensiveness.

Blame vs. Responsibility

One of the underlying issues is that there is often confusion between responsibility and blame.

What would happen in conflicts if partners and families accepted that everyone is responsible for their own behavior and choices, but that no one is actually to blame? What if we each chose to open to learning about our own responsibility in any conflict situation, without blaming ourselves or each other?

Loving yourself when being blamed means that you stop blaming yourself – stop judging yourself – and open to compassion for the pain of not being seen and understood. If you stop blaming and judging yourself, then you have a better chance of staying open to taking responsibility for your own choices. It’s so much easier to not get angry and defensive when you can accept responsibility without blaming. Loving yourself means remembering that everyone is responsible but no one is to blame.

Remembering this is also what creates relationship and family healing.

Of course, none of us has control over whether or not anyone else lets go of blame and accepts responsibility. But even if it’s just you, you can affect a change in your relationships. Just imagine how much easier it would be to stay compassionate with yourself and open to learning, during conflict, if you weren’t reactive to being blamed, because you were no longer getting triggered into anger or defensiveness.

Since I’ve let go of the whole concept of blame, I find it easy to accept responsibility. For me, taking responsibility goes along with learning about myself and about what choices have been loving to myself and others, and which haven’t. When blame is out of the picture, it’s easy for my love of learning to take over. I love the excitement of learning new things about myself and new things about what’s loving!

You will find that when others blame you, it will still hurt your heart – because others’ unloving behavior always hurts our heart when we are fully open to our feelings – but it’s easier to not take the blame personally when you are no longer judging yourself. It becomes less difficult as you practice either opening to learning with the other person, or lovingly disengaging when someone is blaming you, and being very compassionate with your heartache over others’ unloving behavior.

The challenge is that the wounded self loves to blame. Blaming makes our ego wounded self feel superior and in control, but it’s also the wounded self that is self-blaming and feels inferior. When you embrace the understanding that everyone is responsible but no one is to blame, you take the power away from your wounded self and put your loving adult in charge.

I hope you embrace the responsibility and let go of the blame. You will find yourself feeling truly empowered when you are able to do this.

Waves And Particles Of Unconditional Love

The unconditional love experiment belongs to the domain of Metaphysical Science and is subject to the laws of consciousness. It is subjectively scientific and only we can objectively demonstrate if it works in our daily lives. The thinking model that states that every intention is manifestation, works on a level of creation that realizes the vibration of the possibility by extrapolating it from the unified field; it is therefore different from that of cause and effect that circulates on the infinite plane of apparent consequential.

Everything and every event happen within the subjective field of consciousness of each individual; a field that creates a personal universe of private perception of reality, which can consequently be both consequential and quantum, depending on where we want to place ourselves and how we decide to unbalance our balance. It is always and only on us to choose the limited or the unlimited, to assume that everything is created by consciousness and nothing is outside it, or inventing an external observer to manifest an objective reality with all its intrinsic limitations.

To escape the trap of limiting beliefs that build and affect the dual reality of cause and effect, we must step outside it and plunge ourselves into the formless or unconditional awareness where the risk of corrupting the experiment with unstable and fragmented data does not exist. There is no way to remove consciousness from consciousness; consciousness is always present when it’s there, because consciousness is the present and there is no way to experience any subjective experience objectively. Attempting to do so is, by its nature, a paradox of consciousness, which manifests itself unequivocally within consciousness. There is no separation between a reality model and the other because we are always who we are, no matter what we choose to use.

Particle physics helps us to easily understand this existential dynamics. It states that all probabilities are energy waves of the quantum field until they collapse and become concrete, becoming particles. Likewise, our intention, the unconditional love, remains a quantum field’s probability until it collapses and becomes measurable, as an infinite feeling for everything and everyone, and at that point triggers the cause and effect process. At the time of collapse, the wave becomes particle, but it is the same thing as the caterpillar, the chrysalis, and the butterfly.

Changing the point of view apparently changes the reality of things. Unconditional love already exists as a wave of the quantum field; it is only about changing the point of view and collapsing it. What causes the wave to collapse is the stability of the intent, the absolute certainty that the fact has already happened and is simply manifesting itself in us now, or at its perfect time, on the basis of how free is the path from our negativity, how green are the traffic lights of our absence of doubts and also how much conscious contribution of positive intention we receive from those who participate as we experiment.

When the opportunity is expressed to express our intention, the turning point is our action on it, synchronous with the speed of the wave. Here, is where collapse occurs; the intent turns into reality and begins the whole apparent chain of causality, the Big Bang of our unconditional love that opens in a conscious act of evolutionary will. The intention, which can unrealistically appear as the first cause and detonator of the new universe, is actually always present and floating like a wave, it simply changes shape and becomes what we are now, with our absolutely firm intention and our unconditional love which enters and is consolidated, easy and relaxed, healthy and positive, at the time perfect, in our heart, for the highest good of all, everyone and everything that makes up our life and the one of who, consciously or not, participates in this intention.

Dr. Andrea Scarsi (Sandesh) is a meditator, mystic, and metaphysician devoting his life to sharing the supreme understanding through direct teaching and books he writes on the subject of spirituality. He loves traveling, and lived for long periods in India and the Buddhist Southeast Asia. Through the years, he studied and deepened different meditation techniques, for awakening consciousness, energy balancing, and personal evolution, which he practices and teaches. Doctor of Metaphysical Science, he’s the author of several books on spirituality and subjects dear to his heart. He resides between in the mainland of Venice, Italy, and Goa, India, moving around the world when invited or following a universal call. You can check out one of his webpages at: Books by Dr. Andrea Scarsi, where he indicates simple and everyday’s ways to come in touch with your inner self.